The Abandoned Zoo / by Mike Daclan

As it turns out, it wasn't as abandoned as I thought it would be.  There were plenty of people setting up for Halloween so unfortunately there were a few places that seemed interesting but were fenced off. I still managed to find a few places where there was enough of a gap for me to squeeze through (no easy feat mind you!).  I didn't feel as creeped out as I thought I would though.  This may be due to the fact that I knew that there were a group of people working on Halloween attractions less than 30 yard away from me.  

The only true hair raising moment was when I was walking past the abandoned house to a small empty cage.  I was far enough away from the workers where I couldn't hear them anymore but I could hear movement in the bushes around me.  Reality struck that I was actually alone and there are LARGE cats that have been spotted in the mountains.  I ran my hand over my knife which gave me an odd sense of comfort but I knew that maybe it would be best to return with a friend.  Hopefully the next time I'm back the fences will be down and there will be more to explore! 

Guardian of the Zoo

Down to the Cages

Light From an Empty Pen

The Abandoned House


Sliver of Light

Broken AC

Evil Eyes

Dead Leaf