Revisiting the Familiar / by Mike Daclan

I've had the idea to revisit my old neighborhood for a while.  When people typically think of street photography in Los Angeles, the one location everyone thinks of is Downtown.  It's a high traffic location with a lot of interesting background scenery to frame your images.  While it's a great location, I wanted to revisit a location that was a bit more personal. 

Eagle Rock will always hold a special place in my heart.  Some of my fondest childhood memories were formed in this small town just Northeast of DTLA.  Good food was always a few blocks away.  Each doorway seemed to hold something special behind it.  Especially when the doors were unmarked or I never had a chance to visit the business behind them.  My mind would race about the possibilities behind each of them.  Over time some were answered while others still remain a mystery.  

There was much about the town that was beautiful and amazing to me.  I think that comes with being a child though.  As I returned to the city I loved I began to take notice of the little flaws and imperfections inherent in any small town.  Abandoned buildings, trash, the homeless population, etc. etc.  Seeing these issues still doesn't change my love it though.  In a way it actually strengthens my love.  It's like seeing someone you love open up and show their vulnerable side to you.  

Flaws and all, Eagle Rock, I love you.